Jakarta, 26 October 2017 – To anticipate the upcoming spike in orders during the year’s biggest online shopping festival, sellers from Lazada, a well-known online marketplace platform have already begun their preparations. These preparations are being done to ensure the most effortless customer experience for Indonesians when shopping online during Online Revolution on November 11th or by the time Harbolnas starts on December 12th, this year.


Compared to last year, sellers have begun to prepare much earlier this year. Such preparations include increasing production, ensuring sufficient availability of goods, increasing labor, as well as brainstorming different promotional strategies with the Lazada team.


As stated by Dedy Indrawan, one of Lazada’s City Leader Sellers and owner of Jaxine Store, “We businessmen and independent merchants who have joined Lazada as sellers, are very enthusiastic to welcome Online Revolution Lazada and  Harbolnas, this year. Personally, I feel that from year to year, consumers’ interest and order quantities increase significantly. So, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to increase my sales especially in November and December.”


“Lazada also helps sellers to prepare ourselves by providing us with whatever support and assistance needed in addition to updated information to help us to give  better service to our customers,” he added.


Aside from organizing seller trainings since this past August, Lazada set up UKM workshops in 11 different  cities throughout Indonesia. The last of these workshops will take place in Jakarta, which coincides with Hari Sumpah Pemuda on the 28th of October. Through these workshops, Lazada aims to help sellers or young, creative Indonesian businessmen to understand the immense potential provided by marketplace platforms like Lazada that are known to have big campaigns to help individual sellers increase their sales revenue.


New innovations were also launched by Lazada this year in order better support sellers’ varying needs in the development of their business on an online platform. Lazada aims to cater to these needs by supporting sellers with access to editors and photographers who can assist in creating a better visual experience for sellers and customers alike. Lazada also launched a new advanced, but easy to use feature that allows sellers to freely customize the layout of their online shops to display discounts or featured items. Sellers are also supported with assistance via a Lazada-verified external human resource agency.


Florian Holm, Co-CEO Lazada Indonesia  has stated that, “We’re always opening doors for any feedback on what our sellers need in developing their business with Lazada. This is especially important as we are approaching  Lazada’s Online Revolution in  November – a campaign which will simultaneously be conducted in 6 different Southeast Asian countries – and the launch of Harbolnas across Indonesia in December. This became the inspiration and backbone of out different innovations and the launch of new features, which we hope can help our sellers to increase their sales and serve their customers better.”


“In the long-run, it has become a priority for Lazada to become the primary platform for sellers to develop their business through online channels, and to be a vessel for young businessmen to contribute to growing Indonesian economy,” he added.


As an e-commerce platform which pioneers and advocates for innovation and technology, Lazada is committed to providing breakthrough opportunities for its consumers and sellers, in addition to facilitating the growth of creative and tech- savvy young entrepreneurs in Indonesia’s digital industry.